Why You Need A Lawyer For Your Social Security Disability Appeal

Becoming disabled can be one of the most trying, difficult experiences you can have in your life. You can be robbed of your ability to function as you used to, leaving you unable to care for yourself and others. When you can no longer work, you’ll need to be able to access financial support through Social Security Disability so you can continue to pay the bills. When you’re struggling, the last thing you need is to fight to receive the benefits you deserve.

Unfortunately, this is often the case. As many as 70% of Social Security Disability claims are denied on the first try, requiring you to go in front of a judge to receive your benefits. If this happens, you’ll need extra legal support to ensure that your case is given its due diligence. Read on and find out how you can improve your chances of being approved for Social Security Disability.

What can a lawyer do for me during a Social Security Disability case?

By a wide margin, getting a lawyer on your side is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to getting your Social Security Disability benefits. Lawyers can help you by:

  • Checking your application completion. One of the reasons that people can get denied for their disability benefits is turning in an incomplete application. It’s incredibly important to read over each section and provide as much supplementary evidence as possible. A Social Security lawyer will know what you need to provide and can help you to successfully complete your application to increase your chances of being approved.
  • Organizing your medical records. If you’ve been keeping track of your medical records since the beginning of your disability, you probably have stacks upon stacks of information at your disposal. A lawyer can help you to determine which pieces of information are most vital to your case and avoid overloading the judge with excess facts that would not be relevant to your case. Lawyers also have a better chance of hearing back from a doctor when requesting records compared to a patient.
  • Filing any appeals. In the event that your initial claim is denied, a lawyer can file an appeal on your behalf and start arranging for a court hearing. If you were representing yourself, you would be required to handle all of this paperwork and coordination on your own.

Why should I hire an attorney?

While you aren’t required to hire an attorney at any point, it can be a tremendous help to you and your case. The earlier you start on with a lawyer, the more likely you are to have your benefits approved. If you’re even considering filing, you should reach out to a lawyer immediately.

Your lawyer’s first step will be to review your case to determine what needs to be done and help to expedite your case. As mentioned earlier, lawyers know what records need to be prioritized and can help you to locate the documents needed. They can also obtain letters of support to echo your doctor’s support. Lawyers can guide you about the type of medical information needed to increase your chances of winning.

If your case is denied, having a lawyer is vital to winning your case. Handling your case on your own can be difficult, if not impossible. One survey showed that people who applied for SSDI and SSI were twice as likely to be approved with a lawyer. Furthermore, the majority of claims are won with an appeal. Lawyers will have a personal knowledge of the details of your case, including what the judge will want to see during your trial. A lawyer will also be able to discuss your vocational abilities, including discussing your specific needs with a vocational expert at a disability hearing. Without a lawyer, it will be very hard to understand the intricate legal knowledge needed to win your Social Security Disability case.

Lawyers fees are paid as a percentage of past due benefits if your disability claim is won. Thus there is no fee unless you win.

Do you need representation during your Social Security Disability claim?

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